Pat Toomey is a Failed Senator

To preface this, we want to make clear that we are not taking a stance on his policy choices, but strictly about our concerns with Senator Pat Toomey: he ignores his constituents. This note was jointly written by someone who has previously voted for Pat Toomey, and someone who has never voted for Pat Toomey.
Since the creation of the Student Free Speech Foundation, we have asserted that one’s vote is arguably the most important form of speech made available to us. But the duty of us as citizens does not stop at voting in our elections, but instead carries through the term of our elected officials. We all have the duty to make ourselves heard as members of a democracy, because it is through our voices that a representative democracy succeeds. In Pennsylvania, however, that duty is currently different.
Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) makes himself available to constituents every month with his Keystone Coffee series, which means constituents can go down to Washington D.C. and have coffee with Senator Casey. Keystone Coffee generally happens once a month, and you can sign up online. Senator Toomey, however, has not even had a town hall event anywhere in the state since 2013. The duty of every Pennsylvania voter should be trying to figure out how to get Senator Toomey in front of constituents. And no, Senator, campaigning does not count.
Flyer that circulated the web, recently.
Virtually all of the events where one might find Senator Toomey are closed door. The only event on Senator Toomey’s conveniently placed “Events” tab on his Senate Facebook page was from almost six years ago.
Senator Toomey is not the only elusive, anti-constituent politician out there. Surely, there are many. We are choosing to single Senator Toomey out, however, because we as an organization are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is not just an elusive, anti-constituent Senator, but our elusive, anti-constituent Senator. And the more he refuses to talk with his constituents, the more we will speak out against him.
Senator Toomey, please know that even when an organization or corporation is not speaking out against you, or pleading for your attendance to a town hall event, your constituents are doing so, as well.
Lastly, Senator: you have a solemn obligation to represent your people, not just your own interests. You have failed us.
Note: If you have a politician you feel is eluding their constituents, send us a message, or post their name on our wall. We will reach out to their office for you, or assist you in reaching out to them.

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